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Dithering part three – real world 2D quantization dithering

In previous two parts of this blog post mini-series I described basic uses mentioned blue noise definition, referenced/presented 2 techniques of generating blue noise and one of many general purpose high-frequency low-discrepancy sampling sequences. In this post, we will look … Continue reading

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Dithering part two – golden ratio sequence, blue noise and highpass-and-remap

In previous part of the mini-series I covered dithering definition and how dithering changes error characteristics of simple 1D quantization and functions. In this part I will try to look at what blue noise is, but first wanted to have a … Continue reading

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Dithering part one – simple quantization

Introduction First part of this mini-series will focus on more theoretical side of dithering -some history and applying it for 1D signals and to quantization. I will try to do some frequency analysis of errors of quantization and how dithering … Continue reading

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Dithering in games – mini series

This an opening post of mini blog post series about various uses of dithering for quantization and sampling in video games. It is something most of us use intuitively in every day work, so wanted to write down some of … Continue reading

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Short names are short

Intro This blog post is a counter-argument and response to a post by Bob Nystrom that got very popular few months ago and was often re-shared. I disagree so much that I thought it’s worth sharing my opinion on this topic. … Continue reading

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Image dynamic range

Intro This post is a second part of my mini-series about dynamic range in games. In this part I would like to talk a bit about dynamic range, contrast/gamma and viewing conditions. You can find the other post in the series here and … Continue reading

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Localized tonemapping – is global exposure and global tonemapping operator enough for video games?

In this blog post, I wanted to address something that I was thinking about for many years – since starting working on rendering in video games and with HDR workflows and having experience with various photographic techniques. For the title … Continue reading

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