Volumetric fog: Unified, compute shader based solution to atmospheric scattering, ACM Siggraph 2014

PPTX Version – 83MB (with movies)

PDF Version with presenter notes – 6MB


Assassin’s Creed 4: Road to Next-gen Graphics, GDC 2014


PDF Version – 4.11MB

PDF Version with presenter notes – 9.63MB

PPTX Version without the movies – 7MB

PPTX Version with the movies – 164MB

Movies separate download

Global Illumination – time of day cycle – 17 MB

Volumetric fog – animated plants shadows – 21 MB

Volumetric fog – local lights support – 39 MB

Screenspace reflections – on / off video – 79MB


Assassin’s Creed 4: Lighting, weather and atmospherics, Digital Dragons 2014

PPTX Version, 226MB – but worth it (tons of videos!)

PPTX Version with extremely compressed videos, 47MB

PDF Version with sparse notes, 6MB

PDF Version, no notes, 7MB

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