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Using JAX, numpy, and optimization techniques to improve separable image filters

In today’s blog post I will look at two topics: how to use JAX (“hyped” new Python ML / autodifferentiation library), and a basic application that is follow-up to my previous blog post on using SVD for low-rank approximations and … Continue reading

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Separate your filters! Separability, SVD and low-rank approximation of 2D image processing filters

In this blog post, I explore separable convolutional image filters: how can we check if a 2D filter is separable, and how to compute separable approximations to any arbitrary 2D filter represented in a numerical / matrix form using SVD. Continue reading

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Analyze your own activity data using Google Takeout – music listening stats example

The goal of this post is to show how to download our own data stored and used by internet services to generate personalized stats / charts like below and will show step-by-step how to do it using colab, Python, pandas, … Continue reading

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