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Computing gradients on grids of pixels and voxels – forward, central, and… diagonal differences

In this post, I will focus on gradients of image signals defined on grids in computer graphics and image processing. Specifically, gradients / derivatives of images, height fields, distance fields, when they are represented as discrete, uniform grids of pixels … Continue reading

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Bilinear down/upsampling, aligning pixel grids, and that infamous GPU half pixel offset

It’s been more than two decades of me using bilinear texture filtering, a few months since I’ve written about bilinear resampling, but only two days since I discovered a bug of mine related to it. 😅 Similarly, just last week … Continue reading

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Compressing PBR material texture sets with sparsity and k-SVD dictionary learning

Introduction In this blog post, I am going to continue exploration of compressing whole PBR texture sets together (as opposed to compressing each texture from the set separately) and using the fact that those textures are strongly correlated. In my … Continue reading

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Local linear models and guided filtering – an alternative to bilateral filter

Intro In this blog post I am going to describe an alternative tool for the graphics and image processing programmers’ toolbox – guided filtering. Guided filtering is a really handy tool that I learned about from my coworkers, and I … Continue reading

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