My music

Apart from being a techie, music has been one of the main driving forces in my life since I was ~15 and discovered punk rock.

I am not musically talented or educated in any capacity, but since then, I’ve been practicing it and producing in an on/off fashion. At college, I almost decided to become a sound engineer (sometimes I wonder what my life would look like… you know, the whole parallel universe theory and stuff – probably not very successful ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

For a long time, I had only sketches/loops/stems that I’d not even save, but the 2020 pandemic motivated me to start finishing whole tracks.

You can find some of my music on Spotify.

Or even better – on Bandcamp (ad-free 100% free streaming).

Here are some of those (in reverse chronological order):

Queen Bee May 2023 – Raw, hard, and industrial techno track with goa-inspired spacey, trancy sounds echoing through the hive and a swarm of angry buzzing bees serving their queen.

Hypertension May 2023 – Swirling, hypnotic and raw techno sounds drenched in hard-hitting, industrial noise.

Reuptake Inhibitor March 2023 – Classic pulsing synth-driven industrial EBM in a more contemporary techno makeover. Warm analog tones blend with harsh digital sounds; classic Kawai R-100 samples that you remember from your favorite EBM records meet dancefloor-friendly sound design.

Electric Swamp March 2023 – Haunted, fast-paced, hypnotic industrial techno made for 2023 but flavored with the golden era of the rave 90s.

Serotonin Syndrome February 2023 – Euphoric trance-infused booming warehouse techno. Full of pounding rave techno rhythms, jumpy and pulsing basslines, as well as catchy nostalgic and poppy Eurodance/Euro-trance synth melodies.

Humid Dusk February 2023 – A dark NYC winter nostalgic exploration of hot, humid summer vibes and sounds. Sounds of a laidback groovy sunset at a festival after a sweaty, sunny day.

Voice Of The Singularity December 2022 – Old-school, pulsating EBM / industrial track with electro breakbeats, proto-trance gated vocal samples, and dark italo-like synth leads.

Uncertainty Principle December 2022 – Dark industrial hard techno, entering distorted Schranz 155bpm sonic territories. The fastest, dirties, and hardest-hitting track I’ve made so far. Most of the perc and stab sounds synthesized on a modular.

Transmission Zeta October 2022 – Deep broken beats and percussions of Latin-urban inspired UK Bass that turned into a digital, harsh, dissonant, and noisy industrial techno.

Sour Trekkin October 2022 – Squelchy, face-melting hard acid techno that gets more noisy and digital than organic.

Blinding Dawn May 2022 – Dubby techno chords, resonating atonal percs, hard reese, and classic Detroit legacy build up to an anthemic call from the other side of the dawn. Inspired by heroes who sank me into the world of electronic music – Simian Mobile Disco.

Sizzling Circuit May 2022 – Modern harder techno meets Detroit / electro classics as well as Belgian EBM legacy: Booming distorted electro 808s, pulsating bass, sizzling synths, blipping percs, noisy ring modulators and FM, accompanied by a classic sizzling and brain-drilling 303 break.

Oil Spill May 2022 – Angry, hard, noisy, overdriven, industrial – yet anthemic and euphoric – techno borrowing from gabber and modern hard dance revival.

That Feeling April 2022 – Classic uplifting and energetic house banger – jacked up drums, piano, mellow organs, string pads, and chopped vocals with more of modern deep house bassy stabs.

The War Dance April 2022 – Dirty, noisy industrial-electro, raving techno sound of an ugly dystopia that became our tragic reality.

Eulogy to Peace March 2022 – A slow, melodic, nostalgic, deep techno track expressing sad and tragic longing for the lost peace.

Coney Island March 2022 – Old school dubstep half-time drums, massive reese bass, and city and water ambiances mixed in with some post garage vibes.

Ecce Homo February 2022 – Frenetic rave and acid – fast, hard techno with a vibe of dark industrial. What does it mean to be human?

Virtuous Liege January 2022 – Dark, minimal, and industrial atmosphere that enters the footwork/reggaeton inspired rhythmical territory. A weird combination that I thoroughly enjoyed – similarly to focusing on sound design and having organic, dark, evolving sounds that are contrasted by digital, piercing, artificial voices.

Keep The Motor Running January 2022 – An unlikely marriage of hard techno, dub techno, rave, and trance elements. Inspired by the legends surrounding the city of Detroit, but in a more modern take.

Somnus Phobetor December 2021 – Exploring deeper and more minimal techno vibes and textures, but ones where a calm dream slowly turns into an industrial nightmare.
Track idea was born from a few evolving perc and bleep loops recorded from Volca Drum (and heavily processed later).

Antenna Centauri November 2021 – An old-school spacy electro synth jam (huge inspiration from Metroplex and early Tresor records) with Korg MS20 lead and bleeps, and Juno atmospheres and bass, that during the arrangement and mix evolved into more modern, boomy 808 territories.

5am Birds July 2021 – a minimal, experimental, dark techno track where I explore various evolving textures to create a sonic landscape of coming back home at 5am from an underground party.

Synthetic Euphoria July 2021 – an ode to the 90s rave and acid parties. A synthetic euphoria flowing through your veins that makes your body twitch to the 303 ostinato bassline, chant the stab chord melodies and your heart melt to the uplifting arpeggios – all in the simple yet heavy 909 sauce.

What The June 2021 – playing with footwork / Chicago style like rhythms, repeating and thumping tech house bass, and some classic house chords and chopping random vocal samples.

The Ceiling March 2021 – Peak of the pandemic weirdness and the feeling of days spent staring at the ceiling, unable to focus, unable to think, unable to plan. Yet, there is a hope to get out of this, to meet your friends and start living your life? This ambient / dub techno track tries to capture those complex and interleaving emotions.

Glass Forest February 2021 – minimal / weird sounds and experimenting with rhythms and sound effects / sound design. How would a forest made of glass with glass birds sound like? Minimal techno meets experimental music and some… tech house tribal rhythms?

Kaczynski Zniszczy Polske / Zniszczyc Polske January 2021 – I was devastated by the recent Polish anti-abortion laws. Observing all of this (from shamelessness of the ruling party to the energy of protests despite deadly pandemic) from thousands miles away felt depressing, isolating and surreal – I had to express my anger with this electro / ebm / synthwave “banger”. Some live guitars, 00s “electro” aggressive bass, and an inspiration from Nitzer Ebb / Front 242.

City Life January 2021 – a sketch of a cheesy house/garage track. I wanted to do something more optimistic and “fun” as opposed to most of my other tracks that feel “opressed/oppressive”. Silly rhodes solo, deep chords and (probably too) swung drums. Also playing with vocals processing for the first time.

Desert Monolith January 2021 – experiments with more ambient / dub music (though I cannot resist adding some pulsing rhythms and bass, even if slower ๐Ÿ™‚ ) inspired by the mysterious desert monoliths and the Space Odyssey. The track is mostly generative – automated with LFOs, often randomized; not with manual curves/automation.

Everyday Older December 2020 – melodic and progressive techno with a nostalgic and profound mood and a realization that the youth is behind me; and the every single day brings us closer to death, but we still have time to do great things.

Goblin Dance December 2020 – hard dance / rave track, mixing influences from gabber-like donk bass, frantic piercing arpeggios, and in your face rave stabs. It’s just goblins dancing into the chaos.

Reeds on Pluto November 2020 – a mix of recent “hard dance” revival with the genre that initiated my interest in the electronic music – goa/psytrance. Cosmic and alien arpeggios backed by a thick reese bass in an industrial dance sauce.

All of the above are done “in the box” in Ableton Live (I love it… true “modular” environment and very intuitive creative toolset and can be as generative as you want it to be), and most sounds except for most of the drums are synthesized from scratch. I recently started to play more with hardware – 303, drum machines, and the unholy Eurorack – mainly as an inspiration and to start the ideas.