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GCN – two ways of latency hiding and wave occupancy

I wanted to do another follow-up post to my GDC presentation, you can grab its slides here. I talked for quite long about shader occupancy concept, which is extremely important and allows to do some memory latency hiding. The question … Continue reading

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GDC follow-up: Screenspace reflections filtering and up-sampling

After GDC I’ve had some great questions and discussions about techniques we’ve used to filter and upsample the screenspace reflections to avoid flickering and edge artifacts. Special thanks here go to Angelo Pesce, who convinced me that our variation of … Continue reading

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My GDC 2014 slides are up

On publications page

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Temporal supersampling and antialiasing

Aliasing problem Before I address temporal supersampling, just a quick reminder on what aliasing is. Aliasing is a problem that is very well defined in signal theory. According to the general sampling theorem we need to have our signal spectrum … Continue reading

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My upcoming GDC 2014 presentation

Ok, so GDC 2014 is coming up next week, are you excited? Because I am. 🙂  Thanks to the GDC Committee I will be giving a talk this year named “Assassin’s Creed IV – Road to Next-Gen Graphics”. As … Continue reading

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