Updated Poisson-like generator with GUI and more


Just a super short note:

I updated my simple rendering-oriented Poisson-like pattern generator with:

  • Very simple GUI made in PyQt to make experimenting easier.
  • Option to do rotating disk (with minimizing rotated point distance) for things like Poisson bokeh / shadow maps PCF.
  • Better visualizations with guidelines.
  • …And optimized algorithm a bit.

I’m definitely finished working with it (unless I find some bugs and will fix them), it was mostly done to learn to create Python GUIs quickly and for fun. 🙂

And also I have started writing a longer blog note about my experiences with Python as scientific environment and free / open source alternative to Mathematica. What worked well, what didn’t and some tips & tricks to avoid my mistakes. 🙂

Stay tuned!

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