Coming back to film photography

Yeah, finally I managed to go back to my past-time favourite hobby – film/analog photography that I started when I was 10 years old with following camera:


Now I’m a bit older and my photo gear has changed as well (but I really miss this camera!). 🙂 So I’m using at the moment:


Why film and not digital? Don’t get me wrong. I love digital photography for its quality, ease of use and possibility to document events and reality. It’s also very convenient on holiday (especially something small like my Fuji X100). However, lots of people (including me) find it easier to take more “artistic”/better aesthetic quality photos when working with film, especially on medium format – just due to the fact that you have 10, 12 or 15 (depending if it’s 645, 6×6 or 6×7) photos you think about every shot, composition and try to make best ones. Also shooting B&W is quite interesting challenge, as we are easily attracted to colors and shoot photos based on them, while in B&W it’s impossible and you have to look for interesting patterns, geometric elements, surface of objects and relations between them. Interesting way to try to “rewire” your brain and sense of aesthetics and learn a new skill.

Finally, developing your own film by yourself is amazing experience – you spend an hour in the darkroom, fully relaxed carefully treat film and obey all the rules and still you don’t know what will be the outcome, maybe no photo will be good at all. Great and relaxing experience for all OCD programmer guys. 😉


Some photos from just awesome Montreal summer – nothing special, just a test roll of Mamiya I brought from Poland (and it turns out it underexposes, probably old battery, will need to calibrate it properly with light meter…).

5162-015 5162-014 5162-011 5162-007 5162-006 5162-005 5162-004 5162-003 5162-002

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