Digital Dragons 2014 slides

This Friday I gave a talk on Digital Dragons 2014.

It was a presentation with tons of new, unpublished content and details about our:

  • Global Illumination solution – full description of baking process, storing data in 2D textures and runtime application
  • Temporal supersampled SSAO
  • Multi resolution ambient occlusion by adding “World Ambient Occlusion” (Assassin’s Creed 3 technique)
  • Procedural rain ripple effect using compute and geometry shaders
  • Wet surfaces materials approximation
  • How we used screenspace reflections to enhance look of wet surfaces
  • GPU driven rain simulation
  • Tons of videos and debug displays of every effect and procedural textures!

If you have seen my GDC 2014 talk, then probably still there is lots of new content for you – I tried to avoid reusing my GDC talk contents as much as possible.


Here (and on publications page) are my slides for Digital Dragons 2014 conference:

PPTX Version, 226MB – but worth it (tons of videos!)

PPTX Version with extremely compressed videos, 47MB

PDF Version with sparse notes, 6MB

PDF Version, no notes, 7MB



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2 Responses to Digital Dragons 2014 slides

  1. nikita says:

    Cool, thank you. And how did real-time reflections was implemented?

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